We protect your property and goods.
We clean and oversee safety.



We offer a comprehensive portfolio of professional security services and activities in all types of buildings and facilities. We also offer surveillance and protection of human security. All security services are offered with options for alternative supply. Security services are provided throughout the Czech Republic. Whatever the topic area of safety in the population of our service is based on years of experience. Services performed by appropriately qualified and professionally trained employees in company uniforms.

Physical security

For the performance of security activity, employees of Preventa Service Ltd. use due to type of order, building and customer’s desire dogs and their equipment may include additional equipment - batons, handcuffs, tear gas, etc. In the case of special circumstances or requirements they are equipped with a service weapons. For good communication between members, the mobile radios are used. Any human error is eliminated by connecting people with electronic security and logistics technologies. Supervision of guarded object is to continue in monitoring and controlling.

Concierge services

Reception services are available 24 hours a day. Employees are dressed in representative uniform or in other socially appropriate clothes required by customer. Of course there are communication language skills of the receptionist.

  • Physical security of buildings
  • Security analysis
  • Reception services
  • Personal guarding - bodyguarding
  • Connection to PCO
  • Electronic security systems
  • Electronic fire protection systems
  • Transportation of cash


We provide comprehensive cleaning service in full, not only in office buildings, but also in business and manufacturing centres and plants. It is based on providing regular daily cleaning, which is in case of the need or due to contract character supplemented by other cleaning work options.

Cleaning Program

We work out cleaning sheet according due to your wishes, or we alone suggest a solution so that it is effective in an environment in which cleaning service is applied. Also, we ensure sanitary needs to toilets and equip kitchen in the office supplies area.


  • Commercial and cultural centres
  • Local government
  • Administrative buildings
  • Multicomplex
  • School institutions
  • Industrial buildings
  • Hotels and accommodation
  • Health centres and hospitals


It is sophisticated cooperation and with the goods in the sales area. The aim is to ensure that a particular product will be in particular time located at the right price at the right place.

Efficiency and maximization

It is therefore only filling, unpacking and removal from a wide range of goods and sold products. Scope of merchandising activities is much broader. The result of all activities is to ensure better visibility, clarity, and thus the marketability of the product sample in specific areas of its sales. It can therefore be said that its main focus is to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of sales.

Expertise, experience and control

Not only merchandisers, but all our employees are properly trained and their activities are subject to inspection to avoid lowering the service levels. Executives with long experience and extensive practice in the field are responsible for the management of all processes

  • Control inventories
  • Replenishment of goods
  • Transparent control
  • More time per customer
  • Motivation for repeat purchases
  • Monitoring and reporting


We operate multi-function protection board and centralized monitoring centre. The work of these centres include services related to the protection of persons and property, effective monitoring and surveillance, secure transmission of information and solving the crisis.

Centralized security department is dedicated to the 24-hour operation. On the workplace there is a strict security system - access to sensitive data, prevention of sabotage, etc. Our CMS are equipped with the latest technology of the central evaluation of monitored objects. We use the latest data for transmission systems (GSM, SMS, GPRS, Internet, radio network).

The basic principle

Service remote surveillance and monitoring is based on the transmission of signals from electronic security systems and camera technology that continuously monitor secured object. Data from these devices are transmitted to the control centre through digital communication formats. The acquired data include a number of events generated by the installed systems. The data are then evaluated and, through the proper hardware and user interface, and transferred to the individual states of the object, the system can also be used to create a detailed overview of the history of the state and movement of people in the building.

  • Remote burglar alarm monitoring
  • Remote monitoring of EPS
  • Checking the condition of the building by the exit unit
  • Securing the offender by an exit unit
  • Object locking monitoring
  • Securing the building against further damage
  • EMERGENCY service - quick call for help


Our main goal is your satisfaction with the provided services. Therefore we put so much emphasis on high-quality of provided services and that is always associated with the first professional performance of our employees who are subject to control inspections of special team of workers, who not only randomly but also regularly monitor right performance of the enforcement of the required services and activities entrusted to them.

Our employees are well trained and the activities entrusted to them are exercised with maximum effort so that the result always matches quality performance.

We are able to flexibly apply and adapt all offered services to your needs and wishes. At the same time we participate in the development, improvement and increase in the efficiency of the whole range of activities occurring in your operation.

We operate in industrial areas, medical and business centres, commercial as well as private buildings.

We have individual approach to the new projects and contracts and during their implementation we always use the experience and knowledge gained from practise.


Preventa Service Company Ltd. is properly insured for liability for damage caused in connection with subject enterprise activities in Kooperativa Inc., for the total insured sum up to CZK 50,000,000 of damage.


By using the services of our company you, as firm or company with more than twenty-five employees, can fulfill the set obligation due to §24 par.3b 435/2004 Coll., of employment. We can provide you and within provided services effectively solve the problems of the obligation to employ citizens with reduced working competence.